It’s here, it’s big it’s…ISOC charity week!!!

Charity week has come again and this year the Islamic Society have chosen to support Interpal with an aim to raise £20,000 to aid towards the building of a school for Palestinian and Syrian refugees. From next week Monday you’ll most probably see brothers and sisters take over your campus with buckets and cake stalls or a little blue envelope, and they need you! Here are ways that you can help.

1) Gain knowledge
The situation in Syria is intense and the people that are suffering are the innocent civilians. For a long time Palestinians sought refuge in Syria away from their homeland, and now they’re finding themselves out of a home yet again. I would advise you to keep up to date with several different news sources if you’re able to, and research when you can. Perhaps a tea break away from assignments whilst reading up, blog posts or watching speeches by activists and journalists may help. The images and videos will be unbearable, viewer discretion is advised but we should want to know when mankind is suffering and try our hardest to offer a helping hand.

2) Know Interpal.
Interpal is a registered charity which has worked immensely hard since 1994 to build a better life for Palestinians. They work on a wide range of projects from humanitarian needs to community development. More information about the charity, what they get up to and how you could help can be found here:

3) Donate
Buy some cakes for yourself, your friends or put some change in the little green buckets. You may have someone approach you with a blue envelope asking if you’d be able to donate. Please do try as each person that has one of those envelopes has committed to raising £100. It’s okay they won’t bite :p

4) Be happy, grateful and content with what you have.
Smile at the fact that you get to come to University even if the assignments are starting to build up a workload, or that you are healthy and fit. The list goes on, we understand you go through pain, and everyone experiences something different. We can’t compare but when you feel upset, angry or down take a moment to look around and appreciate the blessings you do have.

Islamic Society or ISOC for short, for more information or if you would like to get involved please have a look on the link below.
Watch out for coverage on different societies coming your way, this month is packed with noble charitable causes that our student societies are working for. Smile and be happy to be a Westminster student!


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This blog was created for the students of Westminster university. WEST stands for Westminster's efficient, successful and triumphant students. Hopefully this blog will help students in wanting to achieve these qualities. It won't make student's an overnight successes. Rather it is meant to be a gentle nudge for the student so that they pave their own road in life, whilst at the same time benefitting other students (for the students, by the students). Students can email in their ideas and queries to Finally: Mother to Son Well, son, I’ll tell you: Life for me ain’t been no crystal stair. It’s had tacks in it, And splinters, And boards torn up, And places with no carpet on the floor— Bare. But all the time I’se been a-climbin’ on, And reachin’ landin’s, And turnin’ corners, And sometimes goin’ in the dark Where there ain’t been no light. So boy, don’t you turn back. Don’t you set down on the steps ’Cause you finds it’s kinder hard. Don’t you fall now— For I’se still goin’, honey, I’se still climbin’, And life for me ain’t been no crystal stair. By Langston Hughes You can make it students of WEST!
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